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From Cranberry Bog to Aquaculture

Floundering cranberry farmers are encouraged to make the switch to aquaculture (farmed fish).  Great idea, but regulate it effectively.

Unfortunately, aquaculture is not the silver bullet that will magically save us from overfishing and global food shortages.  Unless the farms are a closed system, effluent from fish pens will pollute the surrounding waters.  Escapees can transmit diseases to wild stocks—they become parasite-bearing fish on the lamb, terrorizing the innocent locals.  Plus, we need to catch millions of tons of wild fish, like the Peruvian anchoveta, to grind into fish meal to feed the farmed fish.  It’s like hunting seagulls off the coast of Africa and using the gull meat to feed chickens on a farm in Arkansas.  Despite these problems, we’re going to have to find ways to lessen the environmental impact of aquaculture as the industry continues to grow. – The Growing Reality of Acuaculture


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