Cracker Barrel on Regulating Responsibility

Business and the Environment

“Liberation Ecology”

I was at a conference a few months ago where Frances Moore Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet, Getting a Grip) was the keynote speaker.  I felt myself identifying with much of what she had to say, especially the evolution of advocacy.

Her generation — the 1960s/70s Peaceniks — didn’t engage.  They gave business the cold shoulder and cooperation was seen as weak.  She notes this as one of the biggest mistakes of her generation.  I can’t speak for her generation, but I do have high hopes that mine has the guts to realize that business doesn’t have to lose when the environment gains and vice versa.

Frances Moore Lappe was selling copies of her yet unpublished book “Liberation Ecology: Reframing 6 Disempowering Ideas” which you can purchase and review at this site.


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