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Changing attitudes: From Heart-throb to Puppy Thief

A few days ago, I went to see a presentation at NYU by Dr. Rosina Bierbaum who co-directed the World Bank’s 2010 World Development Report on Development and Climate Change.

She spoke about the report, which takes climate change as a given, and its suggestions for what we can and should do to change our natural resource guzzling ways.  At the end she drew an interesting correlation to show that perceptions about habits do change that I want to share now.

She showed a picture of Cary Grant smoking a cigarette.  Not many people in the room could remember Cary Grant and how he had always been pictured smoking.

Smokin' heart-throb

Then she quoted her niece who had told her, “The only person that smokes nowadays is Cruella DeVille and she steals Dalmation puppies.”

Puppy thief

So, I thought that was kind of hopeful.  Maybe we can change our ideas about how to use the environment.   How and when?  Now seems like a good a time as any.


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